History of District

Usta Muhammad
Usta Muhammad

The Usta Mohammad Sub Division was a part of Sindh until recently. Usta Mohammad is named after Mulla Mohammad Khan Usto .
Usta Mohammad is in the Kachhi plain basin, with an average altitude of about 55 meters. Annual rainfall is only about 90mm, of which 60mm falls in winter (November-May). Winters are cold, and summers are dry and extremely hot. The people of the district are poor, with inadequate access to medical supplies and facilities.
The area is sometimes subject to flooding, as happened in June 2007 after Cyclone Yemyin. The Kachhi Canal Project, started in 2002, is expected to have a significant impact in conserving floodwater and controlling water flows.
Crops include rice and wheat. Some farms raise cattle, sheep and goats.
The city has an Agro-Development Institute and a Government Degree College