Information Technology at Sibi Bench

Case Flow Management System was installed in November 2011, at the High Court bench at Sibi. The Servers are placed in the High Court of Balochistan, Quetta; and Sibi bench is connected to the servers via internet.
Thereafter, all the different branches including the Presentation Branch, the Judicial Branch, the Roster Branch, were computerized in terms of case management.

After each hearing of a case, the case file is sent to the Judicial Branch, which reads the order sheet to ascertain if anything is required to be done, such as issuance of notices, etc. The Judicial Branch also fixes the next date of hearing.

All relevant information about cases is available at the Information Kiosk.

Advocates and the general public may check the status of their case.

Presently there are 10 computers along with 8 printers which have been installed in different departments/branches of the High Court Bench at Sibi.