Chief Justice Message

Welcome you to our new website. Balochistan is sparsely populated, but has the largest area of any province, comprising of nearly 44% of Pakistan. A far from satisfactory road network connects different parts of the province and travelling to some of the remote areas is expensive and can take days. To ensure access to justice, courts are being established in places where there weren't any before, such as Dalbandin, Killa Saifullah, Gawadar and Chaman. The High Court in Sibi, which had been closed for security reasons has now reopened and is functioning. Land has been acquired for courts in Wadh, Taftan, Bela, Uthal, Harnai, Ziarat, Khonozai, Turbat, Pasni, Washukand and Soorab.

The High Court has endeavored to facilitate speedy justice across the province and to ensure this goal; instant retrieval of data by the click of a button has been our endeavor. All the courts have been provided with computers and are connected through a computer network. Everyone will be able to locate their case and its status in the comfort of their place of work or at home. One will also be able to read significant and reported decisions of the High Court. A green bench has been constituted listing all relevant material as well as judgments to help guide those uncertain of their rights.

The physical infrastructure of existing courts has been improved. Litigants and visitors are treated with respect. A pleasing environment awaits them and they are provided with all basic amenities. Water is preserved and grey water reused for planting in water deficit areas.

The Constitution of Pakistan mandates the establishment of an independent judiciary that ensures that every individual enjoys the protection of the law and is dealt with in accordance with law. Judges are required to discharge their duties, and perform their functions, honestly and to the best of their abilities, and to do right to all manner of people, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will. We endeavor to abide by the constitutional mandate and the oath of our office. My learned colleagues perform important functions, in addition to their judicial duties, and they have admirably acquitted themselves of the duties assigned to them.

We, the lawyers and judges of Balochistan, stand united to forge ahead and bring justice to the people. For the last couple of years the rate of disposal of cases in the High Court far exceeds the rate of institution, and if this trajectory is maintained the entire backlog will be cleared, inshallah. There are virtually no old cases in the District Judiciary and cases stand decided within a year of their institution, which demonstrates the commitment of the District Judiciary.

A number of important and administrative reforms have been initiated. Judicial officers are sent for training to the Federal and Provincial Judicial Academies. Vacancies in the judiciary were advertised and after a comprehensive and transparent process appointments were made. Promotions that were overdue have been made. Judicial officers are being rotated to different places periodically.

The challenge now is to anchor our achievements and to strive even further. Our enduring mission is to uphold the rule of law through fair administration of justice; the people deserve nothing less.