Justice Muhammad Kamran Khan Mulakhail

Justice Muhammad Kamran Khan Mulakhail
Justice Muhammad Kamran Khan Mulakhail

Justice Muhammad Kamran Khan Mulakhail was born on the 19th January 1968 at Quetta, who is scion of renowned family of Mulakhail tribe and his late father Mr. Fazal-ur-Rehman Khan a renowned politician, everlasting member of “PASHTOON JIRGA” politically affiliated with the then leading progressive political party of the country and a businessman, brought up his beloved son in a conducive environment of Islamic Teaching, Patriotism and with feeling of care, imparted him with education from well reputed Tameer-i-Nau Schooling system of the City, and completed his graduation, post graduation in Commerce and post graduate diploma in computer science from University of Balochistan with flying colours in 1992-94. He graduated in Law from University Law College, Quetta in the year, 1994.

Justice Muhammad Kamran Khan Mulakhail was enrolled as an Advocate on 13th December, 1995, as advocate of High Court on 13th December, 1997 and as advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan on the June 19th 2010. He practiced for over 18 years before District Courts, High Court of Balochistan, Federal Shariat Court and the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Justice Muhammad Kamran Khan Mulakhail conducted innumerable criminal, civil and constitutional cases which have been reported in law journals including the case reported as “Kamran Khan Mulakhail v. Government of Balochistan” (PLD 2012 Balochistan 57), striking down the judicial powers of the Executive Magistrates in the province under the Criminal Procedure Code (Balochistan Amendment) Act 2010, whereby a parallel judicial system had been tried to be set up by the legislature. He also assisted the Court in number of cases as amicus curia, particularly in the case reported as “High Court Bar Association v. Government of Balochistan” (PLD 2013 Balochistan 75) on the point of exercising Suo Moto jurisdiction by the High Court under Article 199 of the Constitution.

Justice Muhammad Kamran Khan Mulakhail was elected as Joint Secretary, Balochistan Bar Association (1999-2000), Member Executive Committee, Balochistan Bar Association (2001-2002), Vice President, Balochistan Bar Association (2002-2003), Pro-Bono Lawyers Team Leader, Advice and Legal Assistance Centre, International Catholic Migrants Commission (2002-2003), elected as Member Balochistan Bar Council (2010-2015), Chairman Executive Committee of Balochistan Bar Council, 2010.

Justice Muhammad Kamran Khan Mulakhail represented Balochistan Bar Council in Judicial Commission of Pakistan in its first ever historic meeting. He also participated in the first meeting of commission which had approved the proposed draft of the commission rules.

Justice Muhammad Kamran Khan Mulakhail has also rendered valuable services as member of visiting faculty of Balochistan Judicial Academy. He delivered lectures on law subjects to the trainees of Balochistan Judicial Academy, Organized Seminars, Workshops, and Discussions on topics related to social, political, and economic issues for new entrants in the profession. He represented Bar in the liaison committees formed to create synergies among the Bar and the Bench, Legal Academic Institutions and Media. On the eve of military coupd’ etat in the country in 1999 he organized and hosted, the National Lawyers Convention at Quetta under the auspicious of Pakistan Bar Council and Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (2000 & 2001). Being the team leader of pro bono lawyers (Volunteer), he pleaded the cases of Violence against women, and Juvenile Prisoners. He also remained legal consultant of various national and multinational organizations. He was also a member of the General body of Children Hospital, Quetta (CHQ).

Justice Muhammad Kamran Khan Mulakhail was elevated as Additional Judge, High Court of Balochistan on the August 30, 2013 and confirmed as Judge of the High Court of Balochistan on the 2nd of September, 2015.